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According to the general consensus, Trump lost this election. Joe Biden secured more than the 270 electoral college votes he needed to win. It‘s over. Done. Finito.

But Trump refuses to publicly acknowledge this fact. Just yesterday he tweeted more baseless claims about supposed voter fraud, and he’s declared multiple…

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During the last town hall, Trump agreed to a peaceful transfer of power after flip flopping on the issue in recent debates (after initially saying he would back in June.)

Constitutional crisis averted.

If he sticks to his word, America is not destined to become a dictatorship- at least, not…

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If every time you went to the hospital your nurses and doctors were white, you would make an association between white people and healing.

If you only had white doctors and nurses you wouldn’t associate BIPOC with healing.

If you were to visit any major hospital now (strongly recommend against…

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What is Race Science?

Race science is an alternative, illogical, and all around terrible explanation for why inequality persists.

Proponents of race “science,” or race “scientists,” present themselves as messengers of uncomfortable truths. They claim society has blinded itself to uncomfortable facts in favor of achieving a goal that can never be achieved.


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Republicans often tell people not to take Trump seriously.

“He was being sarcastic”

“He doesn’t mean what he says”

“That’s just Trump being Trump”

It’s the only way they can continue to justify supporting their candidate.

Because if the things he’s said were not jokes, we would have a president…

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The modern left wants equality and justice. The same things the old left wants.

The difference: The old left wants a more equal and just society because a more equal and just society would be a happier, richer place. …


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